Blog entry number one

So, I’ve finally started a blog for myself and The Dissidents. This is my first entry. We are on a brief hiatus until after August 13. My fiancee Alma and I are going to be visiting her folks in upstate New York and our drummer Kenny Felton is recovering from back problems.

However, we will soon resume playing local gigs, are working on booking some tours and will continue recording our debut CD at Wire Recording with Grammy-winning engineer Stuart Sullivan behind the boards and Bill Teags and Leonard Cohen’s producer, bassist and musical director Roscoe Beck co-producing the album, which is slated for release in 2014. Thanks for the love, keep reading for more updates and anecdotes!

Mike Dubose


3 thoughts on “Blog entry number one

  1. Cyndi Ackermann

    Nice! Take lots of photos in New York! I hope to come to Texas some day and film, film, film. I want to meet Bill Hicks brother in person along the way and some filmmakers in Arizona.


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