Mike Dubose and The Dissidents

 Mike Dubose – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriting

Diana Bruschke – Bass, harmony vocals

Susie Martinez – Drums

Tom Cuddy – Lead and rhythm guitar

The cool kids can’t get enough of Mike Dubose and The Dissidents. Legendary singer-songwriter James McMurty calls Dubose a “fierce performer and fearless man.” Iconic Austin DJ (KLBJ & KGSR) Loris Lowe has compared the group’s work to Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Mike Dubose and the Dissidents were formed in Austin, Texas in 2006. Currently, Mike Dubose and The Dissidents are comprised of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Dubose, bassist Diana Bruschke, guitarist Tom Cuddy and drummer Susie Martinez.

MIKE DUBOSE was born in Liberty, Texas and moved to Austin at age 6. Born with cerebral palsy, Mike was told he would never be able to play chords on a guitar. Believing that “can’t never did anything”, he decided to challenge the world by teaching himself to play guitar with open tunings at age 13, thus developing his own unique sound and style. Not satisfied with strumming a few tunes, he again defied the limitations of his “affliction” by writing and singing his own songs. Picking up on the edgier sounds on the radio, where, in his words “I could relate to the anger in their music”, Mike pulled his earlier influences from Guns N Roses, The Sex Pistols, Metallica and Nirvana. Deeply into all kinds of music, Mike also drew inspiration from the local Austin music scene as well as The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt.
Around 1996, Mike formed the Austin band Missing Ingredient, who opened for various bands touring through Austin such as Son Volt, Wilco, Elliott Smith, the Foo Fighters and Yo La Tengo. Missing Ingredient released a CD in 1999 locally in Austin titled “Consolation Prize” to positive reviews.
After Missing Ingredient disbanded in 2000, Mike chose to attend the University of Texas while still pursuing a career in music, mostly as a solo artist sharing the stage with Steve Earle, Pete Seeger, James McMurtry, Tish Hinojosa and Lucinda Williams. But he needed a band.
The band came as the only silver lining of the 2005 death of Mileah Jordan, a close friend of Dubose and an icon in the Austin music scene. At Jordan’s wake, Dubose met bassist Diana Bruschke. Diana’s guitarist roommate also was friends with Mileah. Mileah’s former boyfriend signed on as drummer and in 2006, the first incarnation of Mike Dubose and The Dissidents was born.

DIANA BRUSCHKE is a founding member of Mike Dubose and The Dissidents. Diana was born and raised in Hillegom, The Netherlands, moved to New Orleans in 1989 and to Austin in 1993. She started playing bass at 22 but was recording on major releases shortly thereafter. She played with Susan Voelz, Do It Now Foundation, Swine King, Posh (in the UK) and did an international tour with Lisa Germano.

SUSIE MARTINEZ was born in Hebronville, Texas. She’s been playing drums for 25+ years and has worked with The Hormones, Ursa Major, Cher UK, The American People, Handful and many more.

TOM CUDDY is a veteran journeyman guitarist with 40 years experience. He’s played on countless records & co-fronted Do It Now Foundation (which also included Diana Bruschke on bass.)


“Head Above Water,” a solo Mike Dubose acoustic record produced by Bill Teags and engineered and mixed by Stuart Sullivan, is available now on CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes, as well in physical format in independent record stores nationwide.


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