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We’re BAAACK!!!

Hey there!!

So both I and the band have been on a much-needed vacation! My fiancee Alma and I went to rural upstate New York for a week to visit her parents and the band just chilled out for a bit…no rehearsals or gigs. But now we are refreshed and ready to rock!

We are auditioning drummers because our beloved drummer Kenny is deservedly getting more and more session-player gigs and his daughter and granddaughter are going to be living with them for awhile.

Kenny, like Gary and Diana, will always be a Dissident, whether or not he is playing with the band. Kenny will play gigs and do studio sessions with us as his schedule permits, but we are booking shows and need a steady drummer (or 2 or 3!) We have several promising candidates, hopefully all of them will be onstage with us at the passel of shows we are working on nailing down in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Presently the only confirmed dates are:

Austin on Friday October 4, at Metal and Lace (formerly Head Hunters.) There’s no cover and we play from 9:30-11. So, dearest hometown fans, since it’s on a Friday night, it’s free and we promise you a KILLER show, grab some friends and come out and see us!!

Houston on Friday December 6 at Walter’s Downtown. Set time and cover TBA

We are also slated to play a Saustex showcase in Austin or San Antonio in the next couple of months.

As I said before, we are in the process of booking more regional gigs in Houston, Dallas, San Antone, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge and New Orleans! We will keep you all posted and let you know as soon as a new show is booked.

There are several ways to keep abreast of shows by the band and whenever I play the occasional solo acoustic gig:

  • Go to our Reverbnation page and sign up for our email list (there’s also videos, downloadable MP3s, an online store and cool pix!)
  • Friend me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mike.dubose
  • “Like” the Mike Dubose and The Dissidents page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mikeduboseandthedissidents
  • Follow me on Twitter (I follow back!) @MikeDubose226

That’s about it from here for now, thanks again for supporting me, Diana, Gary and Kenny for all these years. Without you folks none of us would be here! You have our undying love, respect and gratitude!


Mike Dubose